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Seirus Men's Hyperlite All Weather Gloves
Style #: 1431-m



Seirus Hyperflex Padded Open Patella Knee Brace
Style #: 5330



Seirus Unisex Neofleece Combo Scarf
Style #: 2705



Seirus Thermax Skull Liner
Style #: 2225



Seirus Unisex Quick Draw Original Hat
Style #: 2810



Seirus Unisex Neofleece Combo Clava
Style #: 2880s



Seirus Hyperflex Knee Brace
Style #: 5310s



Seirus Unisex Hyperlite Stormsock
Style #: 2915



Seirus Unisex Balaclava
Style #: 2875



Seirus Unisex Outlast Superliner
Style #: 2135seirus



Seirus Unisex Comfort Masque
Style #: 6810



Seirus Unisex Neofleece Combo TNT Headliner
Style #: 2212



Seirus Men's Wizard Soundtouch Xtreme All Weather Gloves
Style #: 1171-m


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Seirus Men's Xtreme All Weather Gloves
Style #: 1426-m


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Seirus Men's Sequel Gloves
Style #: 1256-m



Seirus Men's Soundtouch Hyperlite All Weather Gloves
Style #: 1170-m

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Seirus Men's Xtreme All Weather Gauntlet Gloves
Style #: 1441-m



Seirus Men's Windstopper Cyclone Gloves
Style #: 1481-m

$30.99  (44% Off)


Seirus Unisex Soundtouch Knit Gloves
Style #: 2106


About Seirus

Seirus grew out of 2 guys intent on creating solutions to issues that limited the winter experience of the outdoor enthusiast. One looking to help preserve the boot/binding compatibility for more predictable release while skiing. Thus Cat Tracks were born, which also make for a more comfortable & secure walking experience on winter surfaces. And the other wanting to shield his chops during frequent forays into that sweet Utah powder. Viola, the Original Masque was born. While neither of these young outdoor entrepreneurs ever imagined one day these pocket sized, self-fashioned gems would actually put food on the table, they were ambitious & eager to take their new inventions to the market. Flash forward 3 decades and families of products are thriving and engineered to keep you warm like no one else. Now over 300 cold weather protection items and a burgeoning crop of sun protection products are the fruit of the combined imaginations of Seirus' development team, striving to bring both comfort and protection to al of us who love the snowy outdoors. Seirus has been the industry's major innovator & first to market for products to protect the head, hands & feet.


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