PACT - Clothing That Makes The World A Better Place

About PACT

When you think of PACT, you may think of their fun socks and bright underwear, but what you may not know is that PACT's really a movement disguised as a clothing company. With every purchase, you help PACT make a positive change in the world. The next time someone compliments on your socks, remind them that good things come from good places. Spreading the word about PACT is very important. Many people don't think about how their clothes are made. Just as food doesn't come from a grocery store, clothing doesn't come from a department store. All clothing starts out in the same place: a farmer's field. However, PACT goes above and beyond to make sure their entire supply chain is environmentally friendly, from the growing and harvesting of organic cotton to the sewing and packaging of their products. That means, no pesticides, no fertilizers, no bleachers, no sweatshops, no nasty stuff at all! Now you can not only feel good about your PACT clothes but you can feel good about where they came from too.


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