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About Knock out

They say necessity is the mother of invention. As a former career gal and now mother of three, Angela Newman had a necessity. She wanted sexy and comfortable underwear that had performance built in - that little something extra - for sweat, spots and little leaks that can occur during exercise or just because. She had plenty of “pretty” panties, but they all suffered from what she calls “Panty Failure”. Women deserve better than the thin cotton liner, the synthetic liner or the dreaded panty liner (clear evidence of panty failure). If we can see video on our phones, why are our panties not keeping up with modern technology? She decided if she could not find what she needed then other women could not either. Her mission was clear - to create a fabulous panty with high tech functionality. She created Knock out!® Smart Panties™. Soft, subtle, sexy panties that offer the one, two punch in odor and wetness protection everyday. Their patented technology has both odor absorbing power and wick/dry fibers built right into the 100% cotton liner. Thin, breathable and natural, you won't believe so much power is packed into this small area!


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