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Hard Tail Skinny Knee Skirt
Style #: w-321-b


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Hard Tail Skinny Knee Skirt
Style #: w-321-ch


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Hard Tail Scrunch Waistband Long Skirt/Dress
Style #: sl-29


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Hard Tail Ruched Pencil Skirt
Style #: sl-48


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Hard Tail Roll Down Sweep Skirt
Style #: cs-103


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Hard Tail Rolldown Long Skirt
Style #: cs-56


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Hard Tail Skinny Knee Skirt
Style #: w-321


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About Hard Tail

Founded in Santa Monica, California, in 1991, by Dick Cantrell, this premium sportswear and denim fashion house stands out in the crowd because of its delicious color palette and signature design elements. The classic roll down pant is still the top selling product because of its enduring cut and shape that flatters any body. Hard Tail was conceived on the notion of premium tee-shirts with tattoo-inspired designs evoking that inner rockstar. The evolution of mobility, spirit and color had begun. In 2004, the company began manufacturing a high-end denim line built on the same tenants of quality, style and comfort—you really want to live in these jeans. Hard Tail blew the doors off the sportswear industry 15 years ago with the launch of Hard Tail by turning contemporary sportswear into casual, comfortable and chic urban-wear. “Always made in the U.S.A” is not just a mantra, but a fundamental personal philosophy to Cantrell. His integrity hinges upon keeping the source of his inspiration and construction pure in order to keep standards and quality high.


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