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Glamorise Magic Lift Posture Back Bra
Style #: 1265

$34.39  (20% Off)


Glamorise Magic Lift Front Hook Bra
Style #: 1200

$30.39  (20% Off)


Glamorise Magic Lift Full Figure Support Bra
Style #: 1000g

$30.29  (20% Off)


Glamorise Front Closure Underwire Bra
Style #: 1245

$33.59  (20% Off)


Glamorise Cotton T-Back Bra
Style #: 1908

$24.79  (20% Off)


Glamorise Cami Wonderwire Bra
Style #: 9129

$24.99  (40% Off)


Glamorise Convertible Straps Underwire Bra
Style #: 9116

$34.39  (20% Off)


Glamorise High Impact Zipper Sports Bra
Style #: 1266

$42.39  (20% Off)

About Glamorise

Glamorise believes that beautiful and comfortable intimate apparel is something all women want. Since 1921, Glamorise has focused exclusively on designing exquisite bras and shapewear to serve the needs of the full-figured woman. At the heart of their legendary comfort is their painstaking fitting and refitting process that even their state of the art computer design department can’t surpass. Glamorise calls it The Art of the Perfect Fit in which they make many changes to get each bra to a perfect size.


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