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Desigual Women's Asun Dress
Style #: 31v2108

$49.99  (50% Off)

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Desigual Mimbre Dress
Style #: 18v2033

$25.99  (83% Off)


Desigual Women's Aire Dress
Style #: 31v2l20

$101.99  (50% Off)

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Desigual Margaret Dress
Style #: 40v2141

$92.99  (33% Off)

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Desigual Belgica Dress
Style #: 40v2883

$86.99  (33% Off)

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Desigual Papaer Dress
Style #: 41T2685

$75.99  (33% Off)

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About Desigual
At the tender age of 20 Thomas Meyer, originally from Switzerland, envisaged a future in which people dressed in a different way, in clothes that helped generate positive feelings, affordable to all. And out of this dream Desigual was first born 1984. Ever since, it has emanated positivism, commitment, tolerance, constant improvement, innovation and fun. Because, as our first slogan claimed, Desigual is not the same.


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